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Adjustable Torque Wrench

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  1. Click Type Adjustable Torque Wrench

    With torque scale. Lineup includes ratchet function, metal handles with a knurled finish grip, and interchangeable head types. The QL/QLE2 series works with a wide range of bolts, from M4 to M42
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  2. Adjustable Torque Wrench QL/QLE2

    Sets the global standard for adjustable torque wrenches used to tighten bolts
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  3. Adjustable Torque Wrench CL/CLE2

    Interchangeable head applicable for multi-purpose use.
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  4. Adjustable Torque Wrench QL-MH

    Knurled metal handle version of QL model.
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  5. Manual Torque Wrenches

    Knurled metal handle version of CL model
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  6. Adjustable Torque Wrench MTQL

    Wide range torque wrench for motorsports vehicles
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  7. Adjustable Torque Wrench PHL/PHLE2

    The optimum torque wrench for piping tasks and screw joint reinforcement tightening.
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  8. Adjustable Torque Wrench YCL2

    Two-step motion to prevent over-torque.
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  9. Adjustable Torque Wrench DQL/DQLE2

    Dual square drives for bi-directional tightening.
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  10. Adjustable Torque Wrench TW2

    Torque wrenches for easy and accurate tightening of wheel nuts of large vehicles such as trucks, tractor-trailers and buses, using just one worker, thereby cutting down on labor costs.
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  11. Adjustable Torque Wrench SCL

    DIN interchangeable heads for connectable interchangeable head-type adjustable torque wrench with metal handle
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