Tohnichi Click Type Torque Wrench

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  1. Click Type Torque Wrench

      Tohnichis lineup of click type torque wrenches includes adjustable types with torque scale, prelock types that have a torque scale but also help prevent human error by making it difficult to change torque value, preset types without a torque scale that are designed for repeated tightening at the same torque, Pokayoke (error-proofing) torque wrenches that help prevent missed tightening, angle wrenches for rotation angle tightening, and types that, in addition to their click function, transmit tightening torque data wirelessly.
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    • Adjustable Torque Wrench

        With torque scale. Lineup includes ratchet function, metal handles with a knurled finish grip, and interchangeable head types. The QL/QLE2 series works with a wide range of bolts, from M4 to M42.
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      • Pre lock Torque Wrench

          Pre lock type is effective in preventing mistaken torque settings. Lineup includes models with ratchet, and interchangeable head types.
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